Owners, operators, guides, etc... the list goes on. Because when you own a business and love what you do, there really isn't anything that you don't have your hands on! Hunting is our life and our passion, which is why we decided to dedicate our lives to Southern Whitetail Outfitters. There isn't anyone who wants you to tag out more than we do!

Hunter has over 20 years of whitetail hunting experience, harvesting his first deer at the ripe age of 4. Setting up properties specifically for deer and turkey hunting and understanding deer behavior is his forte. If his boots aren't on the ground in the woods, his nose is in a book reading and researching. 

Jenna grew up hunting deer & turkey and she is also the camp chef/manager of hospitality! She is known for her southern culinary taste and all home cooked meals. You can find more pictures of her creations on the Lodging page. 


Hunter & Jenna Forbes

Lee Gilmore

Lee brings knowledge, leadership and a lot of personality to the team! He has years of experience guiding in Wyoming, Alaska and all over the Southern US. He manages and guides at our Illinois lodge.


Lee is an avid hunter himself and finds great joy in guiding/putting clients on big bucks!

Matt watkins

Matt grew up in Eastern Kentucky and has always loved hunting and fishing. Whether it's deer, turkeys or ducks he keeps busy year round hunting. 


Matt is also a duck and fishing guide in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Matt always has a good attitude and brings a lifetime of hands on experience to the team!

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